Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01

    What is Virtual Assistance?

    Virtual Assistance is a kind of support that could be helpful to support your business in an efficient way. Person performing such task are called Virtual Assistants. Virtual Assistants would be able to handle administrative and no-administrative task.

  • 02

    How can a Multilingual Virtual Assistant benefit my Business?

    Multilingual Virtual Assistants would be able to handle multiple business tasks to support your business within specified time frame. Some business tasks are:-

    • Project Management
    • Multilingual E-mail support
    • Online content Management
    • Blog or Report Writing
    • Social Media marketing
    • Internet Research

    Apart from listed one there are many more task that can be done by virtual assistants. Click here to know about other services.

  • 03

    Will I be able to work with prerequisite Multilingual Virtual assistants?

    Yes, before starting work, we take your all requirements in detail & after short listing we recommend to choose appropriate virtual assistant to start your work. To start service please click here.

  • 04

    Will I be able to get same virtual assistant for all of my business support?

    Absolutely, Once you need any other support on any business task, same virtual assistant would be able to help on your expected support as we are committed for customer satisfaction hence we depute same chosen assistant to help you always.

  • 05

    How do you accept payment?

    We accept a variety of payment system like- Net banking, Cheque, Credit card, Paypal.

  • 06

    How long does it take to find appropriate multilingual Virtual Assistant?

    We understand our clients’ business hence we work faster than expected and we connect with appropriate Multilingual Virtual Assistants within 4 Hours.

  • 07

    How does communication take place between me & my Virtual Assistants?

    Upon choosing of appropriate virtual assistant we allocate dedicated mail id along with Phone no. to get in touch with your virtual assistants. You can send business task by e-mail & same time you can speak to them via phone or any other available media i.e:- Skype.

  • 08

    How do you ensure about data Security?

    We are a company committed to protect the security & confidentiality of our customer. We follow all the requirements as per the Data Protection Acts to ensure your information are safe with us. We remove hardware i.e:-USB drive, CD drive to ensure no any copy your information in any such external devices. Apart from it we have internet firewalls, Internet restriction policies and IP based security cameras.

  • 09

    What is difference between Virtual Assistant & Multilingual Virtual Assistant?

    Excellent question. Virtual assistant means- they will be proficient in Only English but Multilingual Assistant will be proficient in any other language too like- Spanish, French, German, Chinese etc. So depending on your preference we depute requested assistant to handle your task more effectively.

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Outsourcing Virtual Assistant

Multilingual Virtual Assistant commits people, ideas, professionalism to help our clients and the communities where we live. We help individuals, corporate on multiple business related supporting task which enables them to grow. Team of global network develops new ideas and creativity that helps our customer to get more productivity. We provide a variety of multilingual virtual assistant outsourcing services to businesses of all size that are looking to expand.

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